Once there was an ocean, a deep, deep ocean.

It gently lapped against the continents, ancient, ancient continents.

It smashed into the cliffs, the tall, tall cliffs.

The great one covered the Earth for decades, centuries millennia.

He played in the ocean, the deep, deep ocean.

He was a child, a child who was wild.

He majestically glided under the cliffs, the tall, tall cliffs.

He grew and he grew and he grew and he grew.

The creature with a beak, a strong, smooth beak.

He carried a shell, flippers for his arms.

His eyes saw a jellyfish lurking in the distance.

He struggled and swallowed the jellyfish, the strange, strange jellyfish.

With plastic in his belly, he spluttered and starved.

Sinking, sinking sinking, eyes white, rolled back, on the sandy, sandy floor.