Vroom, vroom! A huge silver Land Rover, sped at full speed through the dull woodland. Panicked, Barry dived behind a bush and he peaked to see men dressed in black, their big, black boots pounded across the ground. Carefully, the men slid open the door to reveal the stunning, shiny race horse with its extravagant mane blowing in the wind. The horse grunted and bucked up, almost hitting the barn’s ceiling. The ground shook violently as the evil men shouted “Shut up you evil little donkey, you dumb horse, you money maker!” Barry decided instantly that these men were crooks.


By midday, the crooks had gone. They had driven off. Creeping around the now abandoned barn, Barry fell upon an almost rotten ladder in the thick undergrowth. He quickly realised that at the top of the rank, old barn was an open hatch that he could just fit through. Confidently, he jumped down onto the dusty hay filled floor. Barry leaped onto to the thoroughbred’s back. Boom! Barry and the horse smashed through the crooked barn door and sped off through the damp, dark woodland. Barry dashed over fallen trees. He threw himself over hedges with hope in his heart. Barry felt over the moon.


It all began when, just a few short hours ago, Barry decided to go bird watching in the woodland. He spotted an extremely rare, never seen before, lesser spotted grouse and so decided to follow it. The bird led him into a mysterious part of the woodland and it was here he spotted the old, ramshackle barn.


By 2 o’clock, Barry and the now broken down racehorse arrived at Waterville Police Station. Barry gave a description of the crooks to a thin and serious photo fit artist and was labelled a witness. It turned out, the horse was called Scott and was worth £2,000,000! Scott had been stolen from the Royal Stables!


Due to Barry’s heroics, he got interviewed on TV! He became a national hero and received a £2000 reward. The Queen, who was overjoyed, named a horse race after Barry. Barry was ecstatic.


The End